Lou Hannah fitzgerald


I am lit up by connection- whether it be watching a sparrow dart up and down as it bathes itself in a rushing waterfall, or a child connect with their body for the first time marching confidently up a hill.  As a steward of this earth, I try to mindfully walk through my days attuning myself to my environment- asking what it needs.

I believe that we are hungry for authentic connection right now- and feel called to support transitions- rites of passage to open doors and new ways of looking at the world, and finding creative solutions to some of the earth's biggest conservation problems.

When I am not working as a teacher, mentor, guide to myself or others, you can find me exploring the wilderness of Patagonia, searching for new walls to climb, rivers to paddle, and mountain ranges to get lost in.  


to be a part of projects that bring forward connective practices with the purpose of creating connected, empowered individuals passionate for positive change.